Pixel Alexis!- Testimonials!

Sometimes, people say some nice things about me. Here are some examples!

colabunny's Avatar

"please stay your jokes are funny and smart"

- @colabunny

ElfLord's Avatar

"Someday I'm gonna visit you in Texas, and when I get there, I'm going to realize you don't live in Texas at all, and I'm in the wrong state"

- @ElfLord

Decimal's Avatar

"I will appreciate the heck out of you any day"

- @Decimal

00dani's Avatar

"*falls in love with you* haha whoopsies 😳"

- @00dani

AshBunny's Avatar

"heck. I don't think I can take all of this support."

- @AshBunny

heatherhorns's Avatar


gpsd gosh"

- @heatherhorns

MutoShack's Avatar

"yess w'all say nice things! usually "alexis is the good" and "alexis is the gay"

because it is the truth"

- @MutoShack

nautilee's Avatar

"...how are you so goshdarn cute"

- @nautilee

holly's Avatar

"One of the kindest, cutest systems I know!"

- @holly

avie's Avatar

"avie 🤝 alexis

being utter disasters and proud"

- @avie

Elizafox's Avatar

"I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Alexis, is in fact, Werefox/Alexis, or as I've recently taken to calling her, Werefox plus Alexis. Alexis is not a system unto herself, but rather another free member of a fully functioning plural system made useful by the Ada, Alice, and other vital system members comprising a full plural system as defined by DSM-V."

- @Elizafox

Dax's Avatar

"im love alexis a lot 💚 🐀"

- @Dax

lindsays's Avatar

"@alexis :

Absolutely just as much of a walking, talking shitpost as she is online. Also incredibly gay incredibly girl."

- @lindsays