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This stands for "Attention-Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder".

Addionally, the term "neurodivergent" is a general term meaning someone who lives with a form of mental disorder which may impair or alter the way they act and react to the world around them.

While the term ADHD does address the attention and hyperactive aspects of the disorder, there are actually many other aspects that often go unaddressed. The main ones, however, are:

- Lack of focus, and conversely, hyperfocus!

- Impulsiveness

- Impaired ability to multitask

- Time management issues

- Executive dysfunction (complicated, but basically an inability to do things right away)

- Difficulty remembering things (especially details and things we don't find stimulating)

- Emotional dysregularity (we have trouble regulating our emotions!)

- Last, but not least, is something called "rejection sensitivity", which can be hard to explain, but is essentially an extreme sensitivity to isolation, to the point where we will make up (often harmful and incorrect) reasons for why others must be avoiding us.

It isn't technically medically accepted, but is proven to be a common symptom among ADHD folks!

Two basic things you should recgonize about why we are this way is that for one, we don't receive enough Dopamine for accomplishing things compared to neurotypicals, and it makes doing things we don't like incredibly dreadful, and gives us a bit of a dependence on receiving more Dopamine constantly.

Second, the part of our brain that manages emotional regulation is underdeveloped, which makes our capacity for controlling emotions comparable sometimes to that of a child.

There's a lot more I wish I could say, but I can genuinely recommend the following link to the YouTube channel "How to ADHD" if you want to learn more, especially if you believe you have this disorder yourself!