Pixel Alexis!
- I'm Transgender!
It's me! Alexis Werefox!

Alexis Werefox

That's me, the witchy foxxo herself! 💙

Despite making this whole website, I'm honestly not much for talking about myself most of the time, unless I'm feeling particularly good.

I'm a fox, though! I think originally based on a fennec, but I've kinda moved away from that design nowadays.

Also, I'm a witch! I have magic powers, which have honestly been mostly used to indulge in kinks, but uhhhhhh... What were we talking about here again?

I know! I know! You came here to see some art, yes?! Well, here's a free one for ya!~

(this was done by the wonderful @ribbonfemale on Twitter!)

Some art of Alexis Werefox in a black corset and miniskirt and pink/black striped leggings and a witch hat, with magic effects surrounding her.